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A Cloud-based Dairy Supply Chain Software for Processors

Streamlined Inventory Management

Provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing processors to optimize stock levels, reduce carrying costs & streamline procurement.

Production Optimization

Enable processors to create optimized production schedules, track line efficiencies, monitor equipment utilization, & identify bottlenecks.

Quality Control & Assurance

Robust quality control features facilitate the capture of quality metrics, automate quality testing workflows, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Collaborative Communication

Seamless communication & collaboration among teams through a unified platform, enabling real-time updates, task management, and data sharing.


Dairy Supply Chain Software is Paramount for Dairy Processors

At Milk Moovement, we recognize the critical role dairy processors play in transforming raw milk into a wide range of high-quality dairy products. However, the complex nature of the dairy processing industry presents numerous challenges, including managing inventory, ensuring product quality and safety, optimizing production schedules, and coordinating distribution. Traditional manual processes and outdated systems can hinder a processor's ability to meet these challenges efficiently and effectively.

How We Help

Milk Moovement's features for Processors

Milk Tracking

Detailed dropoff information in real-time

View actionable insights from pickups & scheduled dropoffs at your plant using our platform or mobile app.

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Receiver App

Receive loads seamlessly on any mobile device.

Make it easier for your receivers to view, accept and udpate scheduled loads using our easy-to-use mobile application.

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Routes and Scheduling

Milk Supply & Demand Portal

Processors have access to their own platform to request milk supply from your coop based on your required date and delivery time.

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Other useful features


Why Dairy Processors Should Work With Milk Moovement

Milk Moovement offers a comprehensive cloud-based dairy supply chain software platform tailored to meet the unique needs of dairy processors. By adopting our solution, processors can unlock numerous benefits, saving both time and money while enhancing operational efficiencies:

"I can search, filter, and manipulate data with ease. We can look at our data to see trends or to head off any issues that we can now see coming.”

Gail Ellis

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we get access to?

As the cooperative you have access to the entire industry’s accounts and averages. In your main view, you will see all of the pick-ups and lab results that happen in one holistic view. You will also have the ability to toggle into individual producer accounts to view just their data and see exactly what they see.

How do we setup users?

To setup a user whether it’s a producer, driver, processor, sub producer, transporter or sub-producer visit the creation zone on your account. To add another cooperative member please get in touch with us through the chat on the bottom right of this page.

How do I share a file?

To share a file go to your shared files page, then click “share a file”. Note you can also setup folders to sort files for your producers when you send them. Next, drop the file or files you want to share into the “upload file” block. Next, you will select the folder you want this file to go in, leave as none if you want it to show on their main page. Finally, select the producer, producers or all producers that you want to share your file with, click “share file” and you’re all done. For more information on how to use shared files, check out this video.

Can I share files with multiple users?

You can share with one user, multiple users, or all users at once.

What kind of reporting does the system generate?

Our system generates reports that can be exported in Excel, Csv, Text or PDF. We customize your reports for you, so no matter what you need we have you covered.

“Milk Moovement has been the tech partner that we have been looking for in the Dairy tech space. From their deep commitment to helping us migrate our data & processes to their platform, to experiencing excellent customer service.”

A Collaborative Approach

We believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients. Our dedicated team of experts works closely with you to understand your unique challenges and tailor our solutions to your specific needs. With Milk Moovement, you gain a trusted advisor committed to your success.


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