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Getting the right milk to the right place at the right time

Milk Moovement is a powerful tool that connects all players in the dairy supply chain. With features for transportation monitoring, production tracking, quality monitoring & producer payment, Milk Moovement is the only tool you need to manage a dairy supply chain.

Powerful reporting

Cooperative Tools

Track all producer performance and quality. Track and manage every route and driver's performance.

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Real time data

Producer Portal

Get instant access to all of your important data across every device.

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100% accuracy

Driver Handheld

Simple interface, complete pickups in less than 1 minute.

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built FOR dairy people
Our team takes dairy seriously. We've worked in the business with cooperatives, processors and transporters. We understand the problems you face everyday and build every feature to make your job easier.
pounds managed
yearly pickups

Hundreds of Happy Farmers, Cooperatives, Transporters and Plants

“I love the system, I’m checking my farm’s performance on my phone in any barn. It’s a huge help for production monitoring”.
Tom Powell
Frenchs Farm
“Putting a pickup in Milk Moovement takes less than a minute, it's easy to use.”
Kirk Savory
Fisher transport
“Milk Moovement is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check before I leave. It's allowed us to eliminate an equivalent full time staffing position.”
John Moores
“As soon as the milk truck pulls off my yard I have all my data. It's better than anything we've had before.”
Crosbie Williams
pondview farms
“I wish all of the data for my farm could be on Milk Moovement. It’s the easiest tool I have to get my information.”
Darryl Walsh
Oceanview farm
“With just a couple of clicks I can see where my production was this time last year, how I am doing compared to my peers and where milk quality is trending. It's a powerful tool.”
Chester Rogers
hallows Dairy
"We used to get data once a month; now it’s from the day before. If we ever have an issue, it is much easier and quicker to respond.”
Ian Richardson
Larch Grove
"I can search, filter, and manipulate data with ease. We can look at our data to see trends or to head off any issues that we can now see coming.”
Gail Ellis
"Milk Moovement’s real-time access to slip data lets us minimize costs and maximize payloads. It continues to improve my operations every single day”
Dave Petten
Fisher Transport
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What kind of support do I get?

We offer 24-hour customer support through all of our applications. Our service team can also provide remote in support to your device letting us quickly resolve any issues.
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How often is data uploaded?

Between drivers, labs and cooperatives working in the Milk Moovement system data is uploaded almost every minute of everyday.
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What kind of alerts do producers get?

Producers can set up custom alerts that are received either in app or by email. By default producers receive notifications on pickup, quality sample over 400 SCC, shared file or payment report.
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Can I get accounts for employees on my farm?

Of course! You can make as many sub-accounts as you want, all with custom access, so anyone on your farm who needs to see or comment on your data has access.
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How to track route statistics?

We use a variety of data points including: pickups, drop offs, locations, time, speed and more to evaluate route statistics. We then allow you to filter this information in all formats to evaluate your route performance.
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My organization is unique, will you build custom features?

Before we start with a new client we complete a full free review of your current process. Once we know your supply chain we provide an on boarding plan with all of the current Milk Moovement tools we will use as well as the custom features we can build for you!

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