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Manage your entire supply chain from the cloud

We are your partner in digitizing and optimizing your dairy supply chain, allowing you to get data into the right hands and make better decisions.



Our wide-range of solutions have what you need for each aspect of your dairy supply chain.

Our software tracks over 100,000 data points on every single route. Access pickup data the moment the truck pulls onto the farm

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Access drop-off data the moment the truck arrives at the processing plant

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Route Sessions

View detailed information about pickup/drop-off routes in real-time

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Driver Locations

Track driver locations and estimated arrival times down to the second

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Optimize your routes in real-time using our advanced hauler navigation functionality

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Quality Monitoring

Integrate your lab via application programming interfaces (APIs) to receive real-time lab results

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Easily pay producers and receive detailed financial reports

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Keep up up-to to-date on your operations with email, SMS, and phone call notifications

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Save time using geofences to detect when a hauler is arriving at your business

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Integrate disparate data sources into one consolidated platform

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Connected Accounts

Leverage unlimited free accounts to connect stakeholders across your dairy supply chain

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Shared Files

Share files and collaborate with stakeholders from a central, secure location

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Route Reporting

Monitor your route performance with dynamic, customizable route reports

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Producer Dashboard

Manage your farm’s operations from our easy-to-use Producer Dashboard

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Admin Dashboard

Manage the operations of multiple users from our consolidated,
easy-to-use Admin Dashboard

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Processor Dashboard

Manage your incoming and delivered raw milk supply via our an easy-to-use Processor Dashboard

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Transport Dashboard

Manage your routes in real-time data our easy-to-use Transporter Dashboard

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Don't just trust our word

Hear From Other Cooperatives

“Adopting Milk Moovement's technology has unlocked our imagination on how dairy supply chains should operate. I am a true fan of the solution and the capabilities it brings to the industry. The software brings all stakeholders together in real-time, which allows for clarity and visibility on key elements of our operations. Milk Moovement is a true partner to California Dairies and has changed the way business is managed, decisions are made, and communication flows.”
Jafar Shahwan
“Your team being on the ground with our employees throughout November and throughout Go-Live week has meant the world to us. We’re not seeing anything comparable to that in the industry.”
Stephen Jaffe
The entire due diligence process and implementation was done virtually during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Both the software and the Milk Moovement team adapted to the Australian dairy industry landscape with ease, allowing for an extremely smooth transition from our old platform to Milk Moovement. The deployment of the Milk Moovement platform provides vastly improved access to data for transportation monitoring, production tracking, quality monitoring and farmer payments.
Riverina Fresh

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