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Add Milk Pickups &
Drop-offs In 30-seconds Or Less

Milk Moovement Android and iOS apps make it easier than ever to manage your milk run. With the ability to work offline, scan barcodes and pull up geofences on farm, Milk Moovement is the only tool your drivers need.



Our wide-range of solutions have what you need for each aspect of your dairy supply chain.
Barcode Scanning

Automatically scan sample barcodes for lab testing

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Complete Pickups in 30- seconds or less

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Enter Complete drop-offs information with just a couple of clicks

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Optimize your routes in real-time using our advanced hauler navigation functionality

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Dynamically project and schedule your organization’s pickups and drop-offs

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Route Takeover

Seamlessly transfer route ownership and data from one user to another

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Save time using geofences to detect when a hauler is arriving at your business

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