Keep up-to-date on your operations with email, SMS, and phone call notifications

Milk Moovement’s notification center allows you to set up out-of-the-box and and custom notifications for your operations. Choose to be notified via email, SMS, or phone call (or all three). Notifications include pickup, drop-off, new lab results, lab results outside of specified range, and much more.


Hundreds of Happy Farmers, Cooperatives, Transporters and Plants

“I love the system, I’m checking my farm’s performance on my phone in any barn. It’s a huge help for production monitoring”.
Tom Powell
Frenchs Farm
“Putting a pickup in Milk Moovement takes less than a minute, it's easy to use.”
Kirk Savory
Fisher transport
“Milk Moovement is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check before I leave. It's allowed us to eliminate an equivalent full time staffing position.”
John Moores
“As soon as the milk truck pulls off my yard I have all my data. It's better than anything we've had before.”
Crosbie Williams
pondview farms
“I wish all of the data for my farm could be on Milk Moovement. It’s the easiest tool I have to get my information.”
Darryl Walsh
Oceanview farm
“With just a couple of clicks I can see where my production was this time last year, how I am doing compared to my peers and where milk quality is trending. It's a powerful tool.”
Chester Rogers
hallows Dairy
"We used to get data once a month; now it’s from the day before. If we ever have an issue, it is much easier and quicker to respond.”
Ian Richardson
Larch Grove
"I can search, filter, and manipulate data with ease. We can look at our data to see trends or to head off any issues that we can now see coming.”
Gail Ellis
"Milk Moovement’s real-time access to slip data lets us minimize costs and maximize payloads. It continues to improve my operations every single day”
Dave Petten
Fisher Transport
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A Simple & Integrated Tool For Your Dairy Supply Chain



Integrated cloud solutions make it easy for you to monitor your entire supply chain from one portal. Connect with partners, solve problems and improve operations with ease.

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Get detailed information on your driver's current and past routes in one simple platform. Automatically generate insights for continuous route improvements.

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One stop tool for managing all your quantity and quality farm data. Connect unlimited accounts into your farm to make managing your dairy more collaborative than ever before.

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Aggregate the data for quantity and quality of loads arriving at your plant. Our passive monitoring tools ensure you know exactly what's happening at your receiving bay, no paper required.

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