About Us

Our team takes dairy seriously and we strive to give you tools that make running your business easier every day.

We create innovative dairy software for everyone in the raw milk supply chain

We believe in working closely with our customers to deeply understand their needs. Our team is results-oriented and we focus everything we do on farmer feedback and industry-wide collaboration. We understand dairy can be a tough business, so finding ways to improve your operations while saving you time is our number one priority.

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Our purpose

To build a more profitable, sustainable, and equitable agriculture supply chain.

Our mission

To provide clients with actionable intelligence to make informed decisions across their dairy supply chains and to build a kick-ass company that fosters diverse, exceptional talent.

Our core values

Be a Good Person. Do Right by Others.
  • Put client's interests at the heart of every decision
  • Approach challenges with an empathetic attitude
  • Promote honest and transparent communications
  • Be a trusted partner who protects client confidences
  • Maintain high ethical and professional standards
Clients First. Always.
  • Earn the right to be our client's first choice by building kick-ass products
  • Building lasting relationships with our clients to achieve common goals
  • Foster an approachable organization that is responsive to client needs
  • Remain open-minded and agile to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Maintain a high level of accuracy in our work
Demand Diversity. Foster Inclusion.
  • We win and lose as a herd
  • Nurture a diverse and inclusive community that puts people first
  • Embrace mistakes and challenges as learning opportunities
  • Sustain a caring meritocracy that promotes accountability
  • Pursue collaboration and creativity
“After working at both the cooperative and plant levels of dairy I knew there had to be a better way to generate and share data to improve operations across the entire supply chain.”
Jon King— COO, Milk Moovement
Our Mission

We make dairy simple.

Our software improves visibility and generates valuable insights across the entire raw milk supply chain.

Robert Forsythe
CEO, milkmoovement

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